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CV. Sinar Naya Indah

Two in one street light
Two in one street light
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two in one

Our latest generation of lights. These lamps have many advantages besides the other models from the others and these lights also use Philips led chips which are of course familiar and guaranteed quality. Even with the superiority and perfection of this product but on the price side we can offer this product at a very competitive price with similar products with other competitors. For this lamp itself, the backup power uses lithium battery with a standardized capacity with the wattage of the lamp and the placement of the battery itself is placed inside the lamp casing so that it can avoid theft. and for solar panels, these lights are also supported with solar panels that are standardized with the wattage of the lamp


We also offer other products and similar to this product with a varied wattage starting with a 40 WATT SURYSA PJU IN TWO IN, 60 ONE IN WATER TWO IN LIGHTS and more

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