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Baterai Aki Gel  VRLA 12 V
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Sell ​​VRLA GEL Battery Battery 120 Ah 12V

The battery itself works to remove the current then proceed with the charging process. VRLA stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid, this type of battery is closed, so the evaporation / evaporation that is released is very small so it does not require the addition of electrolyte liquid during the battery life period. VRLA batteries have many advantages, namely: -Battery can be installed in any position, because the valve only operates on an overpressure error - Maintenance free reduces inspection and maintenance -It is safer, because this battery system is designed to be recombinant and eliminate gas or vapor emissions on overcharge, so no steam is emitted during normal operation. For this product, the battery capacity is 150 Ah 12 V. Our company also sells various batteries with different capacities

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